Hydrangea Melancholy 4.8

Hydrangea Melancholy

Chapter 0 - Crossing Paths On A Rainy Mid-Autumn Day

6,008 May 15,21 Junzi,Wu ye mian shui

You Qiuzi—there's no one at school who hasn't heard of her name. Nobody approaches her because of her intimidating aura and, on top of that rebellious attitude of hers, she likes caking her face with heavy makeup. What people don't know is that under her scary façade is a broken heart. A heart that's unknown to the public eye and yearns to escape society. However, her boring days came to a stop af
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I Became the Villain’s Wife 4.3

I Became The Villain’S Wife

Chapter 1

26,072 May 17,21 Updating

The dainty flower idol Chen Cong Rong unluckily fell into a trap and awoke to a stunning naked man in her bed! Hahaha, is it okay to be with such a beautiful man? Hang on… Are you telling me I've switched places with the toxic, evil, and manipulative side character who won't even survive 20% of the plot?! No, I'm definitely not ready to die!! Watch as I keep on living my ideal life!
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Afterlife Classes 4.5

Afterlife Classes

Chapter 6

16,035 May 16,21 Kaori

Choi Kanghee has no friends and is often misunderstood due to his scary appearance, but all he really wants in life are some friends. One day, he returned home to mourn for his grandmother's death anniversary, but a strange turn of events ends up reuniting Kanghee with his grandma! Can they work together to create new friends, or did it just turn more difficult? 저세상 클라스! / Otherworld classes
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World Line 5

World Line

6,021 May 15,21 Victoryze

The fate in the hands of this girl brings both safety and disaster to all of humanity. Starting from the story of Rui who tried to find a way out of her destiny by crossing the line between worlds.
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She’s Over the Top! 4

She’S Over The Top!

Chapter 18

26,049 May 16,21 Jeong aro,Kkom-i,Lee hae in

Sungsil Yoo, iconic for being “clueless” and “over-the-top” meets and flirts back and forth with Inwoo Jeong, a man whose never had it his own way. Inwoo heads the “Yurim Rehab Center”, and Sungsil is its rock-bottom employee, but it doesn't stop the quirky two from forming a relationship in this story.
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The exclusive little girl for the top-ranking boss 2.4

The Exclusive Little Girl For The Top-Ranking Boss

Chapter 2

6,016 May 16,21 No idea

The young girl, lucky enough to enter Jason's entertainment, was asked to complete an almost impossible task signing up to be the top.I thought the top man was very arrogant and cold, but I never thought he was the cute cat who shared the bed with himself!And what kind of strange encounters will happen between the humanoid carp and the alien catfish?c
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Surely a Happy Ending 4.9

Surely A Happy Ending

Chapter 4

24,089 May 17,21 불사 / 수리,재림

Yeon-Woo's husband died the day they ended their sham marriage. Yeon-Woo, who is swept in sorrow, is given a chance to return 100 days back in time! As she struggles to prevent the death of her husband Seon-Jae, their ‘real' marriage has only just begun. This is the story of a late budding romance, faced with danger and a life at stake.
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My Roommate is a Mannequin! 4.4

My Roommate Is A Mannequin!

Chapter 2

8,032 May 16,21 Updating

Doyoon, a mannequin that wants to be a human being, and Jiho, who suffers from a fear of dolls, become roommates by chance. Doyoon becomes a human being, and Jiho is forced to face her trauma. A strange living arrangement between a man and a woman!
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Jealousy Inducers 4.4

Jealousy Inducers

Chapter 3

8,015 May 16,21 김꽁

I want to have a romantic relationship. They have come for those who only trigger jealousy!
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My Princess Charming 4.5

My Princess Charming

Chapter 32

98,276 May 17,21 Teunteun

“Warning: Yuri content: This manga contains materials that might not be suitable to children under 17. By proceeding, you are confirming that you are 17 or older.” Twenty-one year old Yuna is tired of having guys hit on her all the time. As popular as she is, she's been single her whole life. Just when she decides to make herself a boyfriend to fend off guys, she meets a handsome guy who loo
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Surviving In The Harem 4.8

Surviving In The Harem

Chapter 1

4,015 May 15,21 Oribal

A story taking place in the harem of the Osmann Empire in the 17th century on the story of friendship and desire of two girls, Nascha and Asha.
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Wicked King’s Favour 4.6

Wicked King’S Favour

4,014 May 15,21 Updating

She was a top agent from the 21st century. After transmigration, she became the fifth princess of Dongyue Kingdom who was ugly, retarded and weak. He was the powerful, cold and ruthless prince regent. Sometimes misfortune is a blessing in disguise. When she was framed by her fiance, she met him who was badly injured. A sweet love story thus begins…
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How Dare You 4.4

How Dare You

Chapter 4

46,138 May 15,21 Bab,강희자매

Lawrence Di Bicci, a young banker who dominated the Kosimo Empire. One day, Rahui, a mixed-race girl thrown at him instead of debt. “Please accept me as a maid .” It was just a collateral. But… The girl is a lady, it began to occur a crack on his frozen heart . “The contract should have been prudent. It was what you wanted in the first place. So don't blame me. What I see is not money, but you.” “
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Choujin X 4.8

Choujin X

12,038 May 14,21 Ishida Sui

The latest from Sui Ishida! Sometimes to fight a monster, you must become one!
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Sawaranaide Kotesashi-kun 4.5

Sawaranaide Kotesashi-Kun

Chapter 2

56,181 May 16,21 Shinjou Takuya

Kotesashi Kouyou is the protagonist who possesses outstanding skill as a masseur. He aspires to become a sports doctor and wants to get scholarship in medical school. Starting spring, he will attend the high school attached to Seiwa University, a sports powerhouse. Since his family is not wealthy, he has to work as a hostel manager where he is allowed to stay in order to pay for his school expense
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Romance is a bonus book 4.3

Romance Is A Bonus Book

Chapter 0 - Volume 1 Chapter 0 : Prologue

10,031 May 13,21 Jeong hyeon-jung,Mino,Nana

“Sister” “I don't want to go back.” “Tell me where you want to go.” “ I'll take you there.” “If there's a day I want to turn around, that's the moment. If I didn't go back to the wedding hall that day. I wish I had gone somewhere far with Eunho.” Dan-i, who came back as a divorced woman, started living with Eun-ho. Eun
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Taming the Lady 4.7

Taming The Lady

Chapter 7

144,461 May 18,21 Miyashima,불탄닷

I woke up as the daughter of the grand duke in a novel- the same world as Raon, my favorite character. This must be God's grace towards me, a fan! But of all things, I'd become Istina, the very villainess who always caused Raon trouble. Raon is disgusted at the very sight of Istina. However, I persistently followed him around, hoping to become friendly with Raon. “Hey, Raon!” “I don't want to.” “B
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The Boutique at 97th Sheldon Street 4.8

The Boutique At 97Th Sheldon Street

Chapter 7

28,075 May 13,21 Young hyun

After regaining her senses, Yoo-Eun finds herself inside a game! No logging out! No inventory! All she can do is design clothes?! While struggling with her reality of being in a survival game, Yoo Eun arrives at the boutique on Sheldon Street and encounters a mysterious noble, Ashton. Holding onto her, he asks for her help. It seems as if he was waiting for her… Isn't that suspicious?
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You Are Extraordinary 4.1

You Are Extraordinary

Chapter 3

26,081 May 18,21 Little dreamer,Toyeon

Shin Chaekyung must accept the punishment of confessing to a senior on the new employee training night. The problem was, the manager she had to confess to was notoriously cold and not interested in women. After successfully confessing, Shin Chaekyung was held back by her manager, Jung Yunu. The manager made an interesting offer, which was for Chaekyung to be his shield at the office. Chaekyung, wh
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My Borrowed Body 4.5

My Borrowed Body

Chapter 43

48,129 May 15,21 Bagsegye

What do you do when your body gets switched with your crush's?! Sang-yu is a painfully shy 18-year-old who has a crush on the class president, Darim. But there's no way she'd ever return his feelings: Darim is popular, smart, pretty…and she likes their classmate, Ho-young. The three used to be friends when they were little, but a lot's changed since kindergarten. All this gets jumbled when Sang-yu
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Blooming Days 4.1

Blooming Days

Chapter 16

56,174 May 16,21 Siradasue

"Tulip" first love is "Chen" friend of her brother who are years older than her. When they meet again after she's all grown up and ready to love. Tulip realize that there are more problem to this than their age gap. Is that Chen is not the same man she thought he was anymore.
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Blue, Black, Sky 3.6

Blue, Black, Sky

Chapter 19

56,158 May 12,21 Kyungha yi

Dohyung and Jaegyung brothers used to cling to each other all the time. They thought it was family bond. When they realized it wasn't a simple emotion like that they decided to live apart. One day their father summons them and reveals a secret that changes their relationship forever...
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Delicious Blood 4.6

Delicious Blood

Chapter 7

40,102 May 17,21 Lalune,Ttuittui,Yeondu,Zq

Choi Yoo Jung, an ordinary college student, finds herself in debt to a cafe called “Delicious Blood” one day due to a certain incident. A huge debt of 100 million won. Daniel, the owner of the cafe, tells Yoo Jung to pay off her debts by working part-time at his cafe, to which she eventually did so. However, the handsome boss Daniel doesn't think of letting her off the hook so easily. He leans tow
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I Raised My Childhood Friend as a Tyrant 4.7

I Raised My Childhood Friend As A Tyrant

Chapter 18

599,631 May 16,21 랑채,정선

“I'm not interested in the throne.” I reincarnated as the person who makes the male lead become a tyrant, “the short-lived childhood friend.” I took the blame for him and died, just like the original story. And, I thought that I could finally return to my original world, but… “Why am I back to ten years old??”
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